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MRS takes pride in producing safe, high quality and reliable lubricants knowing that they are critical to improving equipment performances and extending their life span.

MRS Premier, MRS Stallion are recognized for their quality, performance and technology. Each of these brands showcases lubrication products that are used daily in passenger vehicles, trucks and industrial machinery.

MRS Premier are superior lubricants for petrol-fired engines that not only provide customers with bottom-line value, but also proven performance.

MRS Stallion diesel engine oil meet some of the toughest industry standards in the world. Wherever you operate, MRS Stallion can help provide total protection for your equipment.

At MRS, we do not only manufacture and sell quality Lubricants and Greases, we also provide all lubricant-related services that help you protect your investment. Some of our technical services includes:

  • Oil in use monitoring
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Used oil analysis
  • ┬áLubricants surveys and recommendations
  • Inventory management
  • Fleet management
  • Training
  • Used oil management
  • Safety, Health and Environmental solution, etc.

Our Lubricants and Greases are blended in an equity lubricant plant located in Lagos, Nigeria and a JV plant (SCEFL) located in Douala, Cameroun. Our Lubricants engineers are amongst the best in the industry. They are available to advise and support you anytime.

Our Lubricants Product Lines:

  • Petrol Engine
    • MRS Premier Xtra Formula
    • MRS Premier Super SAE 40
    • MRS Premier Motor Oil SAE 50
mrs lubricants
  • Diesel Engine
    • MRS Stallion Xtra Premium 15W 40
    • MRS Stallion Diesel Super LA 40
    • MRS Stallion Diesel HD 40
mrs lubricants

  • Greases
    • MRS Crystal grease 3
    • MRS Crystal All purpose EP 2
  • Automotive Gear Oil
    • MRS Texamatic 7045 E
    • MRS Motorgear EP 90

  • Industrial Oils
    • MRS Turbo R&O
    • MRS Hydro HD
    • MRS Gearbox