• Retailing

    We are one of the largest and leading marketers of refined products, including quality fuels in countries where we operate.

  • Distribution

    Our extensive distribution network of over 5,000 dedicated trucks across West Africa on a daily basis operations is just one of the continuous improvement effort amied at positioning us as the industry leader.

  • Shipping

    Our shipping company include MRS Shipping Line Limited involved in the provision of agency services and global chattering/brokerage services respectively.

  • SHE

    At MRS our goal is the management of safety, health and environmental (SHE) issue has equal level of prominence when balanced against operational and commercial considerations.

  • Growth

    Ensuring our constant drive is value creation, efficiency, growth and cost reduction for our company, the customers, our partners, the people and the government.

  • Storage

    With a growing reputation as the gateway to petroleum products in West Africa, we have continued to expand our storage capacity which presently includes over 400,000MT of floating storage.

  • Aviation Operations

    MRS aviation operations has grown to become one of the industy's largest major providers of commerical aviation services in Africa with world class into-plane fuelling operations.

  • High Quality Lubricants

    MRS takes pride in producing safe, high quality and reliable lubricants knowing that they are critical to improving equipment performances and extending their life span.

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MRS is an African conglomerate and one of the largest and most efficient downstream players with diverse activities, yet focused on capturing the entire value chain in oil trading, shipping, storage, distribution and retailing.

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